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Updated FAFSA Information from PHEAA

January 30, 2024


As I was closing out my Financial Aid Nights at the end of last Fall, I was sharing some information that had been shared with us from Federal Student Aid (FSA) that completed FAFSA’s are going to be locked down until “the end of the month (January 2024)” before being sent to colleges/schools and PHEAA.


I returned from a conference this afternoon to learn that they are now delaying this until March, possibly April.  Additionally what this means is that, if the student/parent needs to make any corrections to the FAFSA or add/delete schools from it, they won’t be able to do so until then.


I’ve also been telling people to expect an e-mail from [email protected] to create their account and complete the State Grant Form to apply for the State Grant in mid-to-late February.  It is my thinking that, with the delay in releasing the FAFSA information, this won’t be happening until sometime in March or April.


I apologize for the misinformation that we were given and shared with students and their parents.  If you would please update them, I would greatly appreciate it (feel free to share this e-mail with them).  Further, please provide my contact information to them if they have any questions.



Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have.


Thank you,


Jonathan Warner

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