**UPDATE for 2024 SAT Information




Students are now required to upload or attach a photo to their SAT registrations. Students are also REQUIRED to show photo identification at the testing site to be admitted. If a student does not have photo ID, they may see a guidance counselor prior to test day. Counselors may also advise as to what serves as acceptable identification. Students will not be admitted to testing sites without proper photo identification!


 ** Students who qualify for a fee waiver should see Mrs. Thieser prior to registering for the SAT.** 

To explore test dates, registration deadlines, and to register, visit: www.sat.org
Free SAT prep is available at: www.khanacademy.org


SAT School Day – Thursday April 4, 2024

Monessen High School


SAT School Day lets you take the SAT at your school on a weekday. Starting in spring 2024, all students will take SAT School Day digitally on school Chromebooks.  Paper and pencil testing will no longer be available after fall 2023.

The deadline to register for SAT School Day at Monessen High School is: March 8, 2024

Students register by signing up and making payment in the Guidance Office (Cash or Check made out to Monessen City School District.)

SAT School Day Fees

  •      SAT School Day test registration: $60 each
  •      Low-income students participating in SAT School Day are eligible for the same benefits as students who use fee waivers for weekend administrations.
  •      Check with your Guidance Counselor to find out if you are eligible for a fee waiver.
  •      Fee Waiver students will pay a $10 fee which may be refunded after student completes the exam.

What You Should Know

  •      Students don't register for SAT School Day through College Board. Students must sign up and pay registration fees to their school.
  •      SAT School Day is available only to U.S. schools. 
  •      Many students take the SAT for the first time in the spring of their junior year, and then again in the fall of their senior year to improve their score.
    Test Sections and Timing

Each assessment in the digital SAT Suite is composed of two sections: Reading and Writing and Math.

  •      Students have 64 minutes to complete the Reading and Writing section and 70 minutes to complete the Math section.
  •      Each section is composed of two equal-length modules of test questions.
  •      Each Reading and Writing module lasts 32 minutes, while each Math module lasts 35 minutes.
  •      Each module is separately timed, and students can move backward and forward among questions in a given module before time runs out.
  •      When time runs out on the first module of each section, the test delivery platform moves students to the second module.
  •      When students complete the Reading and Writing section, they are moved to the Math section after a 10-minute break between the sections.
  •      Total testing time for the digital SAT Suite is 2 hours and 14 minutes.



Free Online SAT Test Prep:




Paper versions of the practice will be available in the Guidance Office to all students who register for the SAT.



Once students are registered and the Bluebook test platform has been added to their Chromebook, a test preview and a full- length practice will be available to registered students to prepare for testing on their own time.