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Monessen City School District

Technology Department


Mission Statement


The Monessen City School District’s Technology Mission is to provide all students and staff with reasonable access to technologies that address the scope of instructional needs to improve student learning and staff effectiveness. The District will utilize technology to enhance classroom instruction, integrate educational technology to support curriculum, increase efficiency in communication and data management, and provide support through training and technical assistance. Through effective use of district resources, students will succeed in future educational and career endeavors.


Technology shall be implemented to enhance, improve, engage and stimulate the learning environment for all students to advance their educational experience and skills in order to prepare them to live and work in a global community. Therefore, the challenge of educators is to equip students with knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to live effectively, productively, and enjoyably in our continuously changing world. Inherent is the intent to help each student reach his/her full potential as a human being.


District Hardware


Pre-K Students

Students in the Pre-K Counts Program have touch screen Chromebooks that are utilized for early learning apps and daily school activities. Students enjoy learning how to use the technology along with the many interesting applications that help with their day to day activities. Having an early start in technology will help as they move through the later grades.


Kindergarten and First Grade

Kindergarten and First Grade have touch screen Chromebooks grades K-1 for every student.


Grades 2-12

Students in grades 2-6 have one on one Chromebooks. Each student is assigned a Chromebook for home and classroom use. Students have various educational websites and programs that are utilized daily as part of a rounded education experience. 


Special Education Services & Life Skills Classes

All students placed in special education services are also assigned a one on one Chromebook to do daily activities accustomed to their learning experience in their assigned special education classrooms and for home use. Students that are placed in the Life Skills classroom setting have the use of personal I-Pads.


District Infrastructure


The District is connected through a Wide Area Network and the buildings are wired using CAT 6 cabling. The infrastructure consists of fiber optic future proofing throughout the district. Monessen has implemented virtual servers through the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit which provides a wide range of services throughout our district.


We currently are running 8 N-Computing/N-Servers servicing over 500 students. N-Servers allow efficient software usage throughout the district. Providing thin client and desktop virtualization reduces e-waste and energy usage.


Two years ago we migrated all operating systems to Windows 10 and also run Office 2016 and Office 2019.


Services Provided


The Technology Department provides the following services for the District:

-PC Installation

-PC Repair

-Software Implementation

-Network Implementation and Repair

-Data Backups

-Content Filtering

-Email Services

-Website Management





Mrs. Debra Kozar

Educational Technology Coordinator

[email protected]

724-684-3600 x3213


Roberta Boso

Tech Support Staff

[email protected]

724-684-3600 X3213


Contracted Services


Ms. Marianna Mormack

Westmoreland Intermediate Unit #7

102 Equity Drive

Greensburg, PA 15601