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Emergency Communications

Monessen City SD Guidelines Pertaining to Snow Delays, Emergency Calling, E-Alert Systems, and More!

Guidelines pertaining to Snow Delays/Cancellations, Emergency Calling, and E-Alert Systems when there is a delay...

School officials will attempt to give sufficient notice if weather conditions cause school to be delayed or closed. The following information will inform you if there is a delay or closing.

A phone message will be received through School Messenger, the district’s automated calling system between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

Please make sure all phone numbers are updated with the district offices at the school your child attends.


Announcements concerning a delay or closing shall also be made on listed radio and television stations.

KDKATV (Channel 2, Cable Ch. 6) 
WTAE TV (Channel 4, Cable Ch. 8) 
WPXI TV (Channel 11, Cable Ch. 12)

Please do not call any of the listed radio/television stations. Telephone lines need to be kept open to receive calls from school officials.

Please do not attempt to telephone school officials. Their telephone lines need to be clear in order to facilitate the delay or closing.

If no announcement is made by phone, text messaging, radio or television- SCHOOL IS OPEN!