Administration Directory

District Administration
Dr. Leanne Spazak
724-684-3600 x1011
Mr. Jeffrey Festor
Business Manager
724-684-3600 x1012
Ms. Amy Bukowski
Superintendent's Secretary
724-684-3600 x1014
Ms. Olga Feick
Central Office Secretary
724-684-3600 x1017
Mr. Jon Desak
Supervisor, Building, Grounds, and Maintenance
724-684-3600 x2013
Mrs. Debra Kozar
Education Technology Coordinator & Data Analyst
724-684-3600 x3213
Mrs. Patricia Hallam
Director of Special Education/
Student Services
724-684-3600 x6106
Mr. Shaun Eutsey
Director of Food and Nutrition Services
724-684-3600 x3022 (Elementary) or
724-684-3600 x2141 (HS/MS)
Elementary Administration
Mrs. Bethanne Natali
Elementary Principal
Ms. Gina Naccarato
Elementary Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
High School/Middle School
Mr. Eric Manko
High/Middle Principal
Mr. Donald Madzey
High/Middle Assistant Principal