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Monessen City School District's Mission

The Monessen City School District is committed to providing learners with an efficient and effective education with dignity and respect. We truly believe that we are the Mon Valley's "Best Kept Secret."


  • All children can learn.
  • Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Learning is something a child does - not something done to a child
  • The teacher/administrator is a professional decision-maker who facilitates learning while continually learning herself/himself.
  • Education is to be shared by the school, the home, the student, and the community.
  • Excellence should be encouraged and recognized.
  • Learning is a never -ending process.

Student Outcomes

  • Students have healthy self-esteem.
  • Students are self-directed learners.
  • Students have a sense of community and responsible citizenship.
  • Students apply problem solving and decision making skills in their daily lives.
  • Students consistently strive to be all they can be.

Expectations for Teachers

  • Teachers should expect each student to succeed.
  • Teachers model positive, respectful behavior.
  • Teachers follow the curriculum approved by the District.
  • Teachers are able to identify and use methods of effective instructional models.
  • Teachers assess each student's performance on regular and frequent intervals using a variety of evaluation techniques.
  • Teachers vary methods of instruction.
  • Teachers strive to meet the individual needs of students and take ownership in the management of their classrooms.
  • Teachers make themselves available to parents.
  • Teachers encourage all students to learn to the best of their abilities.
  • Teachers should be their best and give their best.

Expectations for Parents

  • Parents should expect their child to succeed.
  • Parents model positive, respectful behavior.
  • Parents require that their child attend classes regularly and complete classroom assignments.
  • Parents make themselves available to teachers.
  • Parents provide regular supervised study time.
  • Parents are knowledgeable about their child's activities and work closely with the school.
  • Parents ask questions of their child on a regular basis about school and listen to the answers.
  • Parents take advantage of programs provided by the District.

Expectations for Students

  • Students should expect to succeed.
  • Students attend classes regularly.
  • Students arrive in classrooms on time with the appropriate materials.
  • Students complete all assignments to the best of their ability and tum them in on time.
  • Students demonstrate positive, respectful behavior.
  • Students accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Students take the initiative to get help with problems concepts or ideas they don't understand.
  • Students have regular study habits.

Expectations for Administrators

  • Administrators should expect each student to succeed.
  • Administrators model positive, respectful behavior.
  • Administrators support the learning environment with a cooperative, helpful attitude as they continually strive for school improvement.
  • Administrators assess and monitor students' exposure to the approved curriculum.
  • Administrators monitor teaching behaviors so that effective instructional strategies are developed as they assist staff in improving instruction.
  • Administrators help develop and implement a method for identifying students who are not achieving the desired learner outcomes.
  • Administrators create an atmosphere that fosters and recognizes positive performance on the part of all members of the school community.
  • Administrators support appropriate measures to ensure a controlled , secure learning environment