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Recorded Video (Zoom) Meetings


On April 20, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 15 of 2020. Act 15 addresses how to conduct business in compliance with applicable statutory requirements when the physical presence of their officials, constituents and other interested parties is either highly discouraged by public health officials or prohibited altogether.


        Among other things, Act 15 eliminates the requirements for physical attendance at public meetings during the Governor’s declaration of a disaster emergency by permitting the use of “authorized telecommunications devices.”


Until the expiration or termination of the COVID-19 disaster emergency, the District may conduct hearings, meetings, proceedings or other business through the use of an “authorized telecommunications device”, defined as “any device, which permits, at a minimum, audio communication between individuals.”  Committee/Board meetings will use the Zoom platform through the Westmoreland County Intermediate Unit to conduct meetings.


The District will post advance notice of meetings conducted through an authorized telecommunications device (1) on the District’s publicly accessible website or (2) in an advertisement of general circulation, or (3) both. The public notice includes the date, time, technology to be used, and public participation information. Public participation can occur through an authorized telecommunications device or written comments, which may be submitted to the District’s physical address through the United States mail or to an email at [email protected] to receive the comments.  Comments must be received by noon the day of the meeting.