Metal Detector Procedure

1. Students will be screened daily upon their arrival to school.

2. Students will be encouraged to empty the metal contents of their pockets,purses, gym bags, and backpacks in a secure cup prior to screening. Students can place the following items in the secure cup to speed up the wand screening process: chains, coins, etc. If a student possesses contraband, weapon, drugs/alcohol, unauthorized PED, the consequences of the Code of Conduct will be enforced. The metal buckle on belts set-off the metal detectors; therefore, students will be asked to remove their belts prior to being scanned by the metal detectors. All purses, gym bags, and backpacks will be hand screened.

3. If the metal detector alarm sounds while being screened, the student will have the opportunity to empty the contents of the area in question. When the student passes a second time and the alarm sounds, students will be wand-screened.

4. Students who are screened and have cigarettes/tobacco products in their possession will be written a citation for the offense and will face discipline under the Code of Conduct. The cigarettes/tobacco will be confiscated at the time of screening.

5. Students who are screened and have opened bottles/cups in their possession will have to throw the bottle/cup away.

6. After students are screened, students will proceed into the cafeteria and begin their school day.

7.Students, staff, and guests who seek admission to the school building must proceed to the metal detector screening area.

8.  Students entering the building after attending classes at the Career and Technology Center will proceed through the metal detector screening area. (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY)

9. Students who refuse cooperation will be denied access into the building. They will call home for a ride and are not permitted to return to school until accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Students will not return to school on the same day as the violation. Parents must call the principal's office (724-684-4456) and schedule a meeting with the principal.

10. Guests who refuse cooperation will be denied access into the building.