Monessen, Pennsylvania




    The Monessen School District and the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit have established this
    code to insure that the Internet and E-Mail accounts are being used for ethical, lawful, and
    educational purposes. Failure to adhere to this code can result in the suspension of your Internet and E-Mail privileges and prosecution under State and Federal laws, where applicable.


    1.               Internet and E-Mail use during school hours must be for instructional or educational


    2.             Internet and E-Mail accounts are to be used only by the authorized user. Providing
    your login/password to another person is prohibited. Tampering, interfering or
    intercepting another user's e-mail is also prohibited.

    3.              To safeguard your privacy, do not reveal personal information such as your name,
    address, or phone number to other Internet users. The use of another person's Internet
    or E-Mail account is not permitted. Disclosing or disseminating any personal
    information about yourself or. others is prohibited. It is unlawful to disclosing names
    addresses and/ or phone numbers of minors without parental permission.

    4.              The use of the Internet for personal and private business is prohibited.

    5.              The use of the Internet for product advertisement is prohibited.

    6.              The use of the Internet for lobbying or political purposes is prohibited.

    7.              The use of the Internet to copy, install, or distribute copyrighted materials is prohibited.

    8.              The use of the Internet to play games is prohibited, unless they are used for educational
    purposes. The use or downloading of unauthorized games, programs, files, music, or
    other electronic media is also prohibited.

    9.              The use of the Internet to access pornographic material is prohibited.

    10.          The use of threatening, obscene, or harassing remarks is prohibited. Use of
    inappropriate language/ graphics or profanity is also prohibited.

    11.          The use to infiltrate or interfere with the computer network is prohibited.

    12.          Unauthorized access to the network, including "hacking" is prohibited.

    13.          The use of school computers to upload/ download and spread a computer virus is

    14.          Students and staff may not invade the privacy of others through the Internet or E-Mail.

    15.          Use of chat rooms, listservs, or newsgroups for non-educational purposes is prohibited.

    16.          Disabling or circumventing or attempting to disable or circumvent Internet filtering is

    17.          Quoting of personal communication or works in a public forum without the author's
    prior consent is prohibited.

    18.          Students and staff are not permitted to send unsolicited bulk mail messages.

    19.          The Electronics Communications Privacy Act places electronic mail in the same category
    as messages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Therefore, do not tamper, interfere
    and intercept another user's E-Mail.

    20.          All communications and information accessible via the network should be assumed to
    be p
    rivate property.

    21.          In order to insure adequate resources for all users, the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit
    reserves the right to log Internet use and monitor fil
    eserver space and bandwidth
    respecting the privacy of user accounts.

    22.          Students will not maintain or post material to a Web site or blog that 'threatens a
    ikelihood of substantial disruption in school, inc
    luding harming or interfering 'with the
    rights of other students to participate fully in school or co-curricular activi
    ties. This is
    violation of the student discipline policy and subject to appropriate penalties herein.


             Internet Etiquette:

           All users are expected to do the following:

    1.       Be courteous and respectful when communicating with others.

    2.       Use appropriate language. Swearing, vulgarities, or inappropriate graphics are not to be

    3.       Be respectful of other users regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender,
    andicaps, ethnicity, or cultural differences.

    4.       Respect the privacy of other users.

    5.       Periodically purge unneeded E-mail messages.