Here's what students need to do:

    1. Cut out box tops labels from items the family uses in their home.
    2. Put the box tops in a plastic baggie.
    3. Give baggies to their classroom teacher.       
    4. Classrooms count the number of cut box tops collected for the week.

    Here's what happens next:

    1. Each teacher will make sure box tops are cut out. Only box tops cut out will be counted.
    2. Write total number of box tops collected for the week on your competition chart and place labels into a special box tops envelope.
    3. Every Friday of the competition classroom envelopes will be taken to the office and placed in a
      special Box Tops box.
    4. A PTA member will check the envelopes and return an empty envelope to you.     
    5. One classroom from K-2nd and one classroom from 3rd-5th will be awarded a trophy for bringing in the most box tops for the week!  
    6. At the end of the seventh week we will crown two champions of the box tops!  The winning classrooms will pick an activity from a list preapproved by administration.

    There are plenty of chances to win. We will hold three rounds of competitions:

    Round 1: September 13 - October 18 
    Round 2: November 1 - December 13
    Round 3: January 10 - February 13 
    For more information, click here!